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Boundless Work
How the Co-Founders of Boundless HQ Are Changing the Geography of Employment
The Repeat Founders from Rural Switzerland Who Bet on Generative AI Before it was Cool
Test Me When I Can
How an Afghan Immigrant and Swedish Engineer are Changing the Future of Exam Proctoring.
FYRFLYs blaze a trail.
We partner with founders reshaping industries with data & intelligence.
Reimagining Brain Health
Ioannis Tarnanas and Altoida are leveraging digital biomarkers for better brain health.
Connecting the Unconnected
How Cris Grossmann and Beekeeper are creating the operational communications platform for frontline workers.
We are a Silicon Valley and Switzerland based venture capital firm investing early in entrepreneurs transforming industries with data.
We’re only at the beginning of digital transformation. We believe data & intelligence will distinguish the most successful companies of the next decade.
Connecting the Unconnected
How Cris Grossmann and Beekeeper are creating the operational communications platform for frontline workers.
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Fyrfly Testimonials
When we raised our first outside round to accelerate growth Philipp was one of the first investors I reached out to to share plans. Philipp continues to be a fantastic investor in Philz as he constantly brings up timely and practical suggestions for how to further grow the company and strengthen our brand, hire talent and think strategically about what is ahead.
Jacob Jaber
CEO of Philz Coffee
Fyrfly Testimonials
Philipp was our first lead investor and board member when we had come to the U.S. as a Swiss company with global aspirations. Philipp’s positive energy, grit, mentor- and leadership helped our team grow quickly into the agile, diverse and larger international company that we envisioned.
Christian Grossmann
Founder & CEO, Beekeeper
Fyrfly Testimonials
As an entrepreneur, you hope your VC will be a major difference maker. You hope they will open doors to key customers, find an amazing VP or two to round out your team, and be instrumental in raising your next round of funding. Julie and FYRFLY Venture Partners are that and more. Julie makes things happen and you need her on your side.
David Leeds
CEO & Founder of Tango Card
Fyrfly Testimonials
Julie has been nothing short of amazing and valuable, both personally and professionally. A lot of investors talk about bringing value to their portfolio companies and Julie delivers. Whether it's fundraising, recruiting or sales strategy, Julie has been instrumental to our success thus far and has been a believer since day one.
Greg Alvo
CEO and Founder of OrderGroove
Fyrfly Testimonials
Philipp was a strong believer in our mission and was our first lead investor and board member. Philipp is a strong strategic partner who stands by you not only during good times but also during challenging times. His leadership and mentorship helped us focus on the right things, not get distracted and bring in the best talent to make our moon-shot mission work.
Ioannis Tarnanas
Title, Altoida
Fyrfly Testimonials
Julie has been an incredible investor. She has been a great help in strategic planning and continues to make awesome introductions. We are fortunate to have her in our corner.
Jeff Yasuda
CEO/Founder of
Fyrfly Testimonials
Phenomenal accomplishments y Julie Allegro and the Jimmy V foundation! My mom died of cancer when I was 16. Julie's V fundraiser just raised $10M to help find a cure. I'm honored to have had the largest-hearted VC as an early investor in Mass Relevance (now Spredfast) and Bazaarvoice.
Sam Decker
Board Member & Executive Advisor at Spredfast
Julie Maples
Founder & General Partner
Philipp Stauffer
Founder & General Partner
Lorea Sinclaire
User Experience Advisor
Mary Wintermute
Chief Financial Officer
Francis Krauch
Jessica Ramses
Prof Deva Ramanan
Prof Pete Fader
Scott Booth
JP Aumasson
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San Francisco, CA 94111

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