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Our Strategy
We partner with founders reshaping industries with data & intelligence.
Investment Focus
We are a Silicon Valley & Switzerland based Venture Capital firm investing early in mission-driven entrepreneurs that build their competitive advantage through data & intelligence.
Target Sector
Enterprise Information Technology & Deep Tech
Founders who create exponential value in industries with vertical data economies of scale
Early-stage – we’re usually the first institutional investor and lead the round
North America and Europe
Unique Lenses
We believe data & intelligence will distinguish the most successful companies of the next decade.

We’re only at the beginning of digital transformation with data being the primary driver. We partner across industries with founders with the potential to win large markets through Vertical Data Economies of Scale.

Data Economies of Scale arise when proprietary technology and market strategy allow data sets to continuously improve, leading to information asymmetry & intelligence advantage.

Horizontal economies of scale create universal platforms that traverse markets and industries to reap economic benefits. However, Vertical scale has wildly different attributes, positioning companies with an unfair competitive advantage of information leading to prescriptive intelligence.
Diverse Footprint
We follow the data: “Diversity of Thought” is winning.

We value diversity as we know from our own experience that broad perspectives drive high-value outcomes.

As international investors we act as bridge builders between markets, fostering synergies across borders for many years. With deep ties in North America and Europe, we focus on local “pockets of innovation” in these international geographies. In Europe, we’re based in Switzerland with a continent-wide focus.

In addition, our percentages of minority founders, executive team members, and board members are significantly above industry averages. It is not a mandate; it is just smart.
Distinctive Approach
We partner locally and grow globally.

We help founders go global from day 1. With deep ties in North America & Europe we accelerate internationalization in key markets across continents and combine the strengths of local ecosystems with the strengths of Silicon Valley.

We focus on teams with rapid growth potential. With decades of experience in growing businesses globally, extensive Fortune500 customer networks, and deep understanding of international entrepreneurial ecosystems, we help startups perfect product-market fit, proper go-to-market, expand across borders, and, in doing so, realize 3x, 3x, 2x, 2x, 2x annual growth patterns to ultimately become international category leaders. Go big or go home.
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