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Pledge 1% was one of the most important decisions FYRFLY Venture Partners has made. It has defined the spirit of our work.
At FYRFLY Venture Partners, we believe that “doing good” builds superior cultures, teams and businesses while having a positive impact on the world. And we believe it is time for the venture capital industry to embrace impact thinking. Our mission is to prove that empathy can drive superior results and higher returns.
of Carried Interest
Invest in Community: We pledge 1% of our carried interest to the FYRFLY Foundation. We work with our portfolio companies, limited partners and ecosystem to find and support high-impact initiatives. We use data to prove that “doing good” drives superior returns.
of Time
Hands-On Impact: We donate our time to our communities and to causes that matter. We use this opportunity to bond with our portfolio companies, limited partners and other stakeholders in novel ways.
of Product
Product as Catalyst: We pledge 1% of products we have built in the past, and will build in the future. We encourage our portfolio companies to do the same and thereby enable meaningful organizations to accomplish their mission. We seek nonprofit partnerships that help us build better products for the market.
Jimmy V and Coach K Photo Credit: Ned Hindshaw
Why We Took the Pledge, and Why You Should Join Us
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We're thrilled that FYRFLY has joined us in Pledge 1% to help bring the 1-1-1 model deeper into the venture community and start-ups. We can't wait to see what kind of impact the model will have at FYRFLY and beyond.
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