Play hard, work hard, and do good.
At FYRFLY Venture Partners, we believe that “doing good” builds superior cultures, teams and businesses while having a positive impact on the world. And we believe it is time for the venture capital industry to embrace impact thinking. Our mission is to prove that empathy can drive superior results and higher returns.

Corporate philanthropy is not an outlandish concept anymore. The Millennial generation has brought about a shift in economic values. They buy from brands they respect; they want to work for companies that put people over profit; they think deeply about the ethical ramifications of their lifestyle choices. Millennials are reshaping the purpose and responsibilities of corporations.

Some business leaders embraced philanthropy long before consumer preferences demanded it. Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, not only paved the way for cloud computing but also set a benchmark for corporate responsibility: the 1-1-1 model. It asks companies to pledge 1% of equity, 1% of time and 1% of product for their communities. Under the auspices of Pledge 1%, the 1-1-1 model has become a global philanthropy movement that injects empathy into the DNA of companies.

We believe that entrepreneurs who “play hard, work hard, and do good” will ultimately build better companies. We both found this to be true in our startup experiences. Thus, FYRFLY has created the FYRFLY Foundation to carry out the 1-1-1 approach, and we will collaborate with Pledge 1% and work with our portfolio companies on this and other appropriate models.
Our Pledge
of Carried Interest
Invest in Community: We pledge 1% of our carried interest to the FYRFLY Foundation. We work with our portfolio companies, limited partners and ecosystem to find and support high-impact initiatives. We use data to prove that “doing good” drives superior returns.
of Time
Hands-On Impact: We donate our time to our communities and to causes that matter. We use this opportunity to bond with our portfolio companies, limited partners and other stakeholders in novel ways.
of Product
Product as Catalyst: We pledge 1% of products we have built in the past, and will build in the future. We encourage our portfolio companies to do the same and thereby enable meaningful organizations to accomplish their mission. We seek nonprofit partnerships that help us build better products for the market.
Fuel business success and change the world for the better
Suzanne DiBianca,
President of
"We're thrilled that FYRFLY Venture Partners has joined us in Pledge 1% to help bring the 1-1-1 model deeper into the venture community. We can't wait to see what kind of impact the model will have at FYRFLY and beyond."

Building a great company and doing good are not mutually exclusive choices – they actually complement each other. The following data points illustrate that the 1-1-1 approach can fuel business success and change the world for the better.
of consumers have a more positive image of a product or company when it supports a cause they care about. Read More
of consumers want the opportunity to buy a product in which a portion of the sales goes to the support of a cause or issue. Read More
of employees want to be involved in their company’s giving and volunteering programs. Read More
6 in 10
Millennials state a “sense of purpose” is part of the reason they chose to work for their current employers. Read More
of employees who are "very involved" in their company's cause programs report feeling a strong sense of loyalty to their company in contrast to 61% of those who are “not at all involved.” Read More
Millennials who frequently participate in their company’s employee volunteer activities are nearly twice as likely to rate their corporate culture as very positive. Read More

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