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With data and intelligence at the core
Our Approach

“Nothing can happen if it’s not first a dream. If you have someone with a dream, if you have a motivated person with a goal and a vision, if you have someone who never gives up , who has great hope, anything can happen.”

Our philosophy is based on trust and a “play hard, work hard” attitude. We love mission driven entrepreneurs as we know from our own experiences as entrepreneurs that you succeed eventually if you are driven by true passion. If you combine your passion with a data driven approach you might just become a firefly.

Julie Allegro and Philipp Stauffer have been investing in seed and early stage technology companies for over 15 years. We are typically the first institutional money into a company – either with or immediately after the friends-and-family round. We continue to back our start-ups, following through the life of the company.

A key component of our approach is to perform a “360 due diligence.”, which includes looking at our potential entrepreneurial teams as much as looking at ourselves. Given the inherent uncertainties in launching new businesses, improving the likelihood of success requires bringing more than just money to the table. We invest in companies where we feel we have the right set of contacts and/or skills to fill in the gaps needed to help the early team to reach the growth stage. We bring substantial personal entrepreneurial background and passion coupled with Fortune 500 best practices and relationships to ensure our companies receive the strategic and operational support necessary to succeed. We work with our companies to build the sound plan to ensure our companies can then truly benefit from later-stage capital designed to fuel growth.

Over the past 10 years of investing, our portfolio has included such companies as Bazaarvoice, Tripwire Security Systems, Switchfly (formerly EzRez), OrderGroove, Experience Project (Kanjoya), Philz Coffee, Noise Toys, Jawbone, Angellist, Speakr, SourceDNA, Playspan, Tango Card, Pley among others.


Be the early ideal partner for entrepreneurs to develop their dreams.

Be the material supporting force behind founder teams, helping them become the leading entities in their fields.

Be a value add partner for LPs beyond top returns.
Beautiful Data
We are intensely data driven. We look for patterns and signal.
Profitable Good
We believe “doing good” done right drives profits and is a differentiator.
One Ship
We are entrepreneurs ourselves. Seed investing requires unique alignment with our teams.
Healthy Conflict
We believe in healthy and constructive conflict. It brings out the best in all.
We look for FYRFLYs
Idea and Motivation
(we love mission driven entrepreneurs)

You need to have a strong intrinsic motivation. You need the spark and the fire of something important and meaningful that can change the life and world of many. People on their true mission never give up as the mission is the mirror image of themselves.
Execution and Determination
(we love hustlers)

You need to to be able to hustle and run so you can take off and fly. You need the conviction and charisma that others will hustle and run with you. You need to have the ability to make your dream the dream of others.
Our Thesis

“Our thesis cuts across vertical investment silos so that we see opportunities where others don’t. We look for sustained competitive advantage through data and intelligence.”

Our Team
Julie Allegro
  • Over 20 years in technology industry as both an investor and operator.
  • Founder of two venture firms in the seed stage arena achieving top percentile returns.
  • Director of Internet of PFI, a telecommunications startup and early pioneer in building fiber optic networks for 14 cities that turned out to be some of the most profitable in the industry.
  • Strong network into the sports, media and technology worlds have proven real accelerators for entrepreneurs, inv...
Philipp Stauffer
  • Over 20 years in technology and related industries in the U.S., Europe, and parts of Asia as an entrepreneur, operator, investor, and consultant.
  • Active venture investor for over 15 years as an early-stage and corporate venture investor at Accenture Technology Ventures (ATV).
  • Founder of Dropimpact, an early-stage investment firm, and innovation catalyst. Worked with leading players such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Splunk, VMWare, Korea Telecom, Salesforce, SK T...
Lorea Sinclaire
User Experience
Lorea is a problem solver at the core– employing human-centered design methods in digital spaces and advocating for users by crafting simplicity, clarity and delight. Lorea collaborates with teams in the Fyrfly portfolio on all things user experien...
Mary Wintermute
Chief Financial Officer
  • Over 20 years in the private equity and venture industry as a financial and tax professional
  • Master's in Tax and multiple years with PricewaterhouseCoopers venture capital tax practice as well as BD...
Francis Krauch
  • Student at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland, BA in business & certificate program in data science, graduating 2021, exchange semester at UC Berkeley in 2019
Jessica Ramses
  • Rising junior at the University of Pennsylvania studying Systems Science & Engineering and minoring in Engineering Entrepreneurship, Math and Data Science. Graduating in 2022.
  • Interested in the startup space, emerging techn...
Prof Deva Ramanan
  • Deva Ramanan is an associate professor at the Robotics Institute at Carnegie- Mellon University.
  • Prior to joining CMU, he was an associate professor at UC Irvine. His research interests...
Prof Pete Fader
  • Professor Fader's expertise centers around the analysis of behavioral data to understand and forecast customer shopping/purchasing activities. He works with firms from a wide range of industries, such as consumer packaged goods, interactive ...
Scott Booth
  • Scott is a Special Advisor to Lead Edge Capital. Scott is also the founder and manager of affiliate Eastern Advisors. With over twenty years of technology investing experience, Scott's focus is on early-stage venture capital. Prior to East...
Current Portfolio
Brett Hurt,
CEO & Founder of BazaarVoice
"Julie Allegro has been incredibly instrumental in the success of both Bazaarvoice & Coremetrics. The team understands how to truly be value-add and proactively helped me build a successful business. After my experience with the team at Coremetrics, they were my first phone call when raising money for Bazaarvoice."
Jacob Jaber,
CEO of Philz Coffee
"Philipp and I met back in 2007 at our Middlefield store in Palo Alto when we were still much smaller. Since then we stayed in touch and Philipp and I continuously collaborated on strategic and operational level; particularly in regards to digital, talent, location and POS. When we raised our first outside round to accelerate growth Philipp was one of the first investors I reached out to to share plans. Philipp continues to be a fantastic investor in Philz as he constantly brings up timely and practical suggestions for how to further grow the company and strengthen our brand, hire talent and think strategically about what is ahead."
Marco Hansell,
Founder, CEO, Speakr
"Nothing is better than having an investor that also becomes an active resource for the company. Philipp helped with everything from thinking through customer strategies, to introducing us to key resources for the company. He has also provided me with internal piece of mind that I have someone to turn to get a second opinion on key decisions and perceptions. There are only a few investors that are willing to go the extra mile to provide crucial guidance, he is one of them."
David Leeds,
CEO & Founder of Tango Card
"As an entrepreneur, you hope your VC will be a major difference maker. You hope they will open doors to key customers, you hope they will find an amazing VP or two to round out your team, and you hope they will be instrumental in raising your next round of funding. Julie and Fyrfly Venture Partners are that and more. Julie makes things happen and you need her on your side."
Prior Investments
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